Hopes high for PS4 edition of TimeSplitters Rewind

Fan-made project may become a console title

The indie project TimeSplitters Rewind may be coming to PlayStation 4, according to one of its lead developers.

TimeSplitters Rewind is a collection of multiplayer maps based on the previous three TimeSplitters games, created in CryEngine 3 by games professionals and fans of the series. Despite Crytek announcing it had scrapped plans to build a new TimeSplitters game, the company approved the fan-made Rewind project.

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Now, in an interview with Cinema Blend, project lead Michael Hubicka explained that his team will be starting work on a PS4 version of TimeSplitters Rewind as well as the PC version currently in development.

"We're actually going to go ahead and start development [of Timesplitters Rewind] on PlayStation 4, just because we're pretty confident Crytek's going to say go ahead and do it," Hubicka explained.

"But we don't want them saying go ahead and do it when we're caught with our pants down and we're like halfway through development and [then] start something for the PlayStation 4.


"So we decided that, since they released the SDK to allow us to do this, we're going to go ahead and do it ourselves, and when they say 'yes' or 'no' we can decide what to do with that. For now we're just going to go ahead and do it. So at least we're prepared."

Hubicka suggested that there were several legal and logistical hoops to jump through in order to work on a PS4 edition, but appeared confident.

"It's mostly just us waiting on Crytek's legal department to give us the go ahead. With these things it's not like they say, hey, we don't know you but we'll give you access to these things and you can release it on this or that console. It's also their reputation on the line."

A fourth TimeSplitters game was in development back in 2008, but it was abandoned when the development studio, then Free Radical, couldn't attract a publisher.