Xbox One: Demos not mandatory for digital titles

Microsoft no longer requires demos for online marketplace

Xbox One will not require third party developers to release demo versions of their digital games.

So confirmed chief Xbox One platform architect Marc Whitten to IGN in a Q&A on the various nuances of the new platform.

Games released for Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade digital store were required to have a demo version accompanying the full product, which meant gamers could rely on the option to try out any XBLA game before making a purchase. But this stipulation has been dropped for Xbox One.

"Not all games will have demos like Xbox Live arcade games have had on Xbox 360," confirmed Whitten. "That said, we are going to work on lots of ways to make it easy for you to find and try new games on the service," he added, without going into specifics.

Whitten also confirmed that, for the "majority" of players, the Xbox One reputation system will not incorporate information from Xbox 360, meaning previous troublemakers will have a chance to make a fresh start.

Xbox One is targeted for a "late November" release, according to the terms and conditions section of an upcoming promo campaign for which PepsiCo and Microsoft have partnered to give away an Xbox One every two minutes. The Xbox One price has been set at £430 / €500 / $500.