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Grand Theft Auto 5 GAME pre-orders won't dispatch until September 16

UK retailer delays dispatch date at Rockstar's request

Grand Theft Auto 5 pre-orders made with GAME UK will not dispatch until the day before launch, according to an email sent to customers.

While GTA 5 is set for a global September 17 launch, publisher Rockstar has ensured retailers will not dispatch pre-orders until September 16, in an effort to ensure no one receives the game early.


This means it's possible that some customers will not receive their order on launch day.

According to the email, which was acquired by Videogamer, GAME will begin processing pre-orders earlier than usual in order to have every item shipped on the 16th.

"GTA V is released on 17th September and Rockstar, who publish it, have worked very hard to make it the biggest gaming launch ever," the emails read.

"They have requested that no UK retailer despatch GTA V before the 16th September and GAME, along with all reputable retailers, will respect this request."

GAME has announced it will open hundreds of stores in the UK at midnight in order to sell Grand Theft Auto 5 as early as possible on launch day.