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Grid 2 Demolition Derby DLC released with trailer

Free content out not now on Steam and Xbox 360, next week on PS3

Codemasters has released free Grid 2 DLC which reintroduces the original game's Demolition Derby mode.

Playable in single-player, split-screen and with up to twelve players online, the DLC is available now on Steam and Xbox 360, ahead of its launch on PS3 next week.

It includes the Jupiter Eagle Ray Mk 5 demo derby car with a range of stock liveries, plus the option to customise its livery, and two configurations of the Detroit Demolition Derby Stadium, each featuring a crossover jump to encourage contact.

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Codemasters community manager Ben Walke said in late July that the company is also working on new tracks and cars for the game.

"A lot of you have been requesting new tracks and we can confirm that in the months ahead we will be releasing two track packs that will feature two of the most requested circuits to date.

"These packs will each contain a new circuit, some cars and also include new achievements and trophies for you to obtain. We'll have all the info a bit closer to their release and we think you'll like them."