Beyond Two Souls demo launching in October

Third entry in a four-part 'Making Of' video series also released

Sony has announced plans to release a Beyond: Two Souls demo on the PlayStation Store.

Providing "a generous trial of the game with two levels included", the demo will launch on Tuesday October 1 in the US and the following day in Europe.


The PS Blog offered the following description of the two levels set to feature:

  • Jodie & Aiden: Join a very young Jodie as she takes part in an experiment at the Department of Paranormal Activities. As officials put her abilities to the test, you take charge of a mysterious, invisible entity.
  • Hunted: Skip forward a number of years and you need to help Jodie escape the clutches of government agents as the mysterious entity unleashes its truly astonishing powers.

Sony has also released the third entry in a four-part 'Making Of' video series, in which director David Cage, and lead actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, discuss the year-long performance capture shoot completed for the game.

The platform holder has confirmed a Beyond: Two Souls release date of October 8 in the US and October 11 in the UK.

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