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New Disney Infinity toy boxes spoof BioShock, Star Wars, Tron

Disney plays homage to several big franchise in this week's updates

BioShock Infinite, Tron and Star Wars are just some of the franchises you might recognise in the latest selection of Disney Infinity's featured Toy Boxes.

The video below offers a rundown of the new boxes, once of which features a recreation of BioShock Infinite's floating city Columbia.

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You'll also see a box called Trench Run, clearly influenced by the Death Star assault in Star Wars: Episode 4, but also features nods to Tron.

Disney Infinity was launched in August for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U and 3DS, and is set to arrive on PC in October. And iPad version is also expected later this year.


In CVG's Disney Infinity review we said: "Add-on costs aside, Disney Infinity is a treat. It is blanketed with ideas and Disney references that will keep older and younger gamers busy for far longer than the more linear Skylanders could, and while the Toy Box mode isn't exactly going to have Minecraft shaking in its cuboid boots, its sillier nature (does Minecraft have a toilet paper gun?) makes it just as entertaining at times."