Around the Network - early September edition

Ah, early September, beginning of the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness ...and torrential rain and gloomy grey skies as well we'll be bound. Still, things could be worse, the gaming behemoth that is GTA V is just about to erupt across the land and in the meantime, Total War: Rome 2 has us donning legionaries' boots and ruling our empire with an iron fist once more. Ave! Elsewhere our brave lads 'n lasses of games and tech have been hunting down link gold for your reading pleasure. Here's what they've unearthed this week.

Games Radar

We came, we saw, and we played a whole lot of games. Which ones stood out in the PAX crowd? Here's the 10 best games of PAX

Kenji Inafune is starting up a brand new IP, but something looks familiar. Take out your magnifying glass and see the 10 ways Mighty No.9 is exactly like Mega Man

Official Nintendo Magazine

All-new Mega Pokemon have been added to the Pokemon X and Y Pokedex
We have two new entries in our list of the top ten best Wii U games. Where did The Wonderful 101 and Rayman Legends go in?

Official PlayStation Magazine

PS4's independent future revealed as we showcase 8 new indie games heading to PS4
Essential PS4 info unfurled at PS4 O'clock - bundles, Vitas & new info on the camera

It's the battle of the smartwatches this week as T3 pitches the Ricoh Theta hands-on review


Samsung loves to improve a popular device, and it's clearly done that with the new Note 3
Qualcomm's take on the smartwatch is here with a unique display and wireless charging. So what did we think when we wrapped it round our wrist?
The iPhone 5S is nearly here but what's going to be new on Apple's flagship phone? Make sure you keep up to date with our roundup of all the latest iPhone 5S news

We're expecting the iPhone 5S to show up with a cheaper, more colourful new sibling so here's everything you need to know about the iPhone 5C

Tesco Tech

We go Hands on with the new Google Nexus 7
Want to know where you put your handset? We have the
Top 5 apps for finding your Android phone

Total Film

Recyling is good! Moviemakers think so too, find out how in our eco-friendly 30 Reused Movie Props feature
Two of our favourite superheroes clash in our brand new feature Batman vs Superman: Cape Expectations Episode 1