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Comments of the Week

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


Xbox One release date set for November 22

"Any idiot could have worked the date out, XBOX has 2 letter X's thats 20 in Roman numerals. And the word November ends in ER thats the initials for Queen Elisabeth II, so thats the 2. 22nd. It makes me mad when people don't see the real clues." - ________________

Good work. Now all you need to do is actually come up with a username and you'll be unstoppable.

Mixed messages over free FIFA 14 on Xbox One

"One hundred and Eiiiiiiiiiiiightyyyyyy" - Zonf

No, that's darts you're thinking of. FIFA is a football game.

Microsoft acquires Nokia mobile business

"BREAKING NEWS from next week. Microsoft hasn't bought Nokia - apologies, it was mixed PR messages" - kovin

You've come from the past and that's all you have for us? Why didn't you bring us horse racing results so we could've put a bet on?

Kojima clarifies 'erotic' character design statement

"Oh I can't wait to hear the perfectly reasonable explanation as to why a professionally trained sniper is wearing a thong bikini." - laijka

Look, we don't tell you how to do YOUR job.

Interview: Activision's publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg

"'An abundance of examples can be found in games. Back when everyone was building sandbox titles and GTA clones, Infinity Ward was establishing a new model for the first-person shooter and outsold them all.'

Um...really? I guess the MoH games never really happened and I just imagined that period of gaming history.

I stopped reading at that point." - Skullet

"I stopped reading the article when I got to the end." - budge

"Different needs for different heids", as they say in Glasgow.

Microsoft prices Xbox One games from £45 to £55

"My wallet is getting a flashback to NES/SNES / Megadrive cartridge prices......Not bad for downloadable non transferable media, that's progress for you" - rico_dredd

That doesn't sound like progress to us, it sounds... oh. Right.

343 employee criticises 'disgusting' MGS5 female character design

"To be fair, Cortana isn't exactly without faults. But without pants, certainly. Double standards?" - Stan_Goodspeed

Cortana eh? We aren't touching that one. Probably because we'd be accused of all sorts if we touched a half-naked woman.

Sony to reveal PS4 Virtual Reality headset at TGS

"Ok, this means I can choose between this Sony headset, which works with PS4.. or I can take the Oculus Rift, which works with PS4, Xbox One and PC... hmmm, yeah, that's a tough one.." - LotuSan

"Tales from your ass." - Susan Anthony

Okay, we don't usually like insults but that's probably the best put-down ever. Bravo.