US CoD: Ghosts pre-orders get discount on new Eminem album

GameStop-exclusive pre-order offer confirmed

Gamers who pre-order Call of Duty: Ghosts with GameStop in US will receive a voucher to buy Eminem's new album at a discounted price.

The promotion gets participating gamers a redeemable code to download the new The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Special Edition for $8.99.


This comes after Eminem used the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer event to debut a new track from the album, title 'Survival'. He also announced at the event that his music would be in the finished game.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 will be released on November 5 alongside Call of Duty: Ghosts. Participants in the pre-order offer will need to redeem their discount download code by November 19.

During its Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal earlier this month, developer Infinity Ward confirmed female soldiers, new gameplay modes, a new custom Squad mechanic, destructible environments, remote-controlled drones, new weapons and lots more.

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Activision has confirmed a Call of Duty: Ghosts release date of November 5 on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC. The game will also be a launch title for Xbox One (November 22) and PS4 (November 15).