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New PS Vita LCD screen 'not inferior to OLED', insists Sony

House: "LCD panel can now realise an image quality as high as that of the OLED"

The five-inch LCD panel at the centre of the new PlayStation Vita will match the quality of the OLED display found in older models, a Sony exec has claimed.

PlayStation Group chief executive Andrew House met with reporters on Tuesday following the announcement of the PS Vita version two; a new handheld model that is said to be 20 per cent thinner and a fifth lighter than the original.

But it was also revealed that the new model would ditch the OLED display for an LCD panel - a cost-saving measure that some suspect will reduce quality of picture. But House told reporters on Tuesday that the LCD display won't worsen the overall experience.

"The main reason is that the LCD panel can now realise an image quality as high as that of the OLED panel," House told the gathering of journalists.

According to House's quotes paraphrased by Japan newspaper Nikkei, the new LCD panel helps reduce the thickness of the handheld.

It has been rumoured that the OLED panel in Vita was difficult to manufacture due to the ease in which it could break during assembly.

The new PS Vita will launch "first" in Japan on October 10, priced at 19,929 yen (£128 / $200 USD) - release plans and prices for the west have yet to be announced.

Featuring all the basic functionality of the existing model, the new Vita will be available in six colours designed to appeal to all types of consumers, says SCE. Launch colours include Black, White, Lime green/White, Light blue/White, Pink/Black and Khaki/Black.

In August Sony dropped the original PS Vita price to $200 and €200.