Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate has multiple endings

Director confirms handheld spin-off is about 10 hours long

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate director Mark Pacini has revealed some new details on the upcoming PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS title.

In a video interview with The Escapist Pacini confirmed Blackgate will feature the same voice actor talent as Arkham Origins on consoles and PC.


Pacini also revealed that Blackgate will span roughly ten hours and allows players to choose their own path of progression through the game. Similar to Capcom's Mega Man, players can pick the order they fight bosses and the outcome of the game will change depending on their chosen order.

"It's about a ten hour game first time through. What's interesting is, as we mentioned before that you can defeat the bosses in any order you want, the boss that you leave for last dictates the last half hour of the game," he said. "The player will get items he couldn't get before based on who he leaves last.

"You can play the game three times through, get different things each time and the ending is different each time. Along with that we have suits that are only unlockable playing in a certain order. Each suit has a particular perk to it."

The Arkham series will make its handheld debut on October 25, which is also the Batman Arkham Origins release date.

Serving as a 2.5-D "companion game" to the console and PC title, Blackgate will allow players to "continue the storyline of Origins and discover more details of the Dark Knight's past", according to publisher Warner.

Developer Armature Studios has said that both the 3DS and Vita versions of Blackgate will be powered by a modified version of the Bluepoint Engine used to create PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The game will be the same on both platforms, except for higher-res assets on Vita and 3D options on 3DS.