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Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition set for October

Package features original game and post-release DLC

Bethesda has announced Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition will be released on October 8 in North America and on October 11 in Europe.

The re-release features the original game in addition to the Dunwall City Trials, The Knife of Dunwall, The Brigmore Witches and Void Walker's Arsenal DLC add-ons.


The Game of the Year Edition will be available in Europe for €39.99 / £29.99 / $69.95 AUD on Xbox 360 and PS3, and €29.99 / £24.99 / $49.95 AUD on PC.

"Dishonored introduced a new world and cast of characters which have really resonated with gamers around the world since its release in October 2012," said Pete Hines, VP of marketing and PR at Bethesda Softworks. "We're now excited to offer people the opportunity to have all of this great content in one package."

In our Dishonored review we said the game was "a world of unparalleled potential, married to a page-turning Orwellian tale of deception and redemption".

Our Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall review was equally praise-filled: "Two brilliantly designed missions, filled with opportunities for experimentation", though we noted that it "loses it towards the end".

Finally, in our Dishonored: Brigmore Witches review we said the DLC contains "three great missions filled with potential for creativity" and "if this is our last adventure in Dunwall, it's a fitting last hurrah."