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Metro: Last Light 'Developer Pack' coming September 17

Unlocks a weapons playground and adds new challenges

Metro: Last Light will receive its third DLC expansion next week in the form of the 'Developer Pack'.

Deep Silver has confirmed that the Developer Pack will be released on Steam, Xbox Live and the US PlayStation Store on September 17. The US PS Store will get it a day later.


The Developer Pack adds a new Shooting Range that will let players experiment with every gun and attachment combination in the game, along with new marksman challenges for each weapon.

A new AI Arena will let you create custom battles between human and mutant soldiers who will compete in challenges, while a new solo mission called The Spider's Nest will throw you into a spider-filled catacomb with nothing but a lighter, a torch... and a new Flamethrower.

A new Metro Museum will also be added, where you'll be able to closely inspect the full cast of mutant and human characters in the game.

The Developer Pack will be priced at $3.99/£3.19/€3.99, or at no additional cost to Season Pass holders. It is the third of four scheduled DLC Season Pass drops.

Metro: Last Light was released for Mac via Steam on Wednesday, September 11. The Mac version is to receive the same DLC packages as the PC and console releases, including Last Light Season Pass.