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Comments of the Week

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


Deep Down is a PlayStation 4 exclusive

"Assassins Demons Souls Creed: Take New York 2094?" - StonecoldMC

It's a Capcom game so: Assassin's Demons Souls Creed: Take New York 2094 Hyper Fighting Edition. Best logo mock up will get a special prize from me.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will usher in sniper rifle improvements

"*boo-hiss* *death-threats* *homophobic slurs* *sound of my soul dying a bit*" - Tomgar

Out of interest, what does a soul dying actually sound like? This is what I imagine.

Overnight news: iPhone 5S and 5C unveiled; GTA 5 map leaked

" it's as powerful as a Nintendo 64?" - beemoh

Yup, I'm pretty sure that's what 64 bit means. It's more expensive than an N64 launched at too. Cheeky Apple.

Vin Diesel claims he's reassembling Riddick game team

"Played assault on dark Athena and that was pretty good, crap boss fight but pretty good. like how enthusiastic Vin is for the games too. most actors look down their nose at games" - DavidG

I agree, I like that he's genuinely enthusiastic about games and talks about them all the time. Unlike, say Matt Damon, who wouldn't be in the Bourne game because he took issue with the violence. Meanwhile, he's ok with killing and maiming pretty much everyone in the movies. Loser.

Assassin's Creed 4 trailer showcases next-gen improvements

"Nice foliage" - actionjackson_84

I feel like there should be an "if you know what I mean" at the end there.

Full GTA 5 map leaked online

"Looks like Leonardo from TMNT if you kinda squint at it." - Tyborg

He's right. And now I can't unsee it. Thanks.

Assassin's Creed 4 trailer showcases next-gen improvements

"Yes, but does it have fish that get out the way when you get near them?" - MrPirtniw

I saw a shark with an alert indicator in an earlier trailer. They will definitely eat your face if you get too close.