Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII screens show familiar faces

Noel, Yeul and Caius make their return for the sequel

Square Enix has released a batch of news screenshots and artwork for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

The new images show off a number of returning characters, including Noel Kreiss, Yeul (Paddra Nsu-Yeul), Caius Ballad. For those not up-to-date on the who's who of Final Fantasy, here's Square Enix's primer on these characters.


Noel is a young man who formerly journeyed with Serah and Mog. Blaming himself for bringing about the destruction of the world, Noel's guilt makes him hide away from society. He ceaselessly works to maintain public order from the cover of darkness and has come to be known as the Shadow Hunter.

Yeul (Paddra Nsu-Yeul) is a young woman known as the "Priestess of the Farseers" who possesses the ability to see fragments of the future to come. She asks a particular favour of Lightning.

Caius Ballad is the man who fought and defeated Lightning 500 years ago in Valhalla, the world of the dead. He holds within himself the heart of Etro, the goddess of death, and was the one responsible for releasing the insidious Chaos energy - by piercing that heart during his battle with Noel and Serah.

Lightning Returns was revealed at the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event in 2012 and is billed as the last entry in the 'Lightning saga'.

The official Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII release date has been confirmed as February 11, 2014 in North America and February 14 in Europe on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Thirteen minutes of Lightning Returns gameplay footage was shown off at the Japan Expo in Paris in July.