GTA V trailer shows off 'My Blaine County'

Travel commercial invites you to the delightful countryside

Rockstar has released another Grand Theft Auto V spoof commercial, this time promoting the sights and sounds of Blaine County.

The video contains new footage of activities such as jet skiing, base jumping, trail biking and hunting, as well as local businesses such as fast food outlets, a bar and a tattoo parlor.

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Sony confirmed earlier today that pre-loading of the PS3 Grand Theft Auto 5 through the PlayStation Network has been delayed until September 16.

The delay follows the leak of GTA 5 details through a PlayStation Store error. In August gamers who pre-ordered the game via the EU PlayStation Store were apparently accidentally given access to files that revealed game details, which were inevitably posted online.

Pictures of the official Grand Theft Auto 5 map have emerged online, showing how large the new game will be. New Grand Theft Auto Online details have also been released, delivering insight into character creation, activities and more.

For more multiplayer details, read CVG's GTA Online first look preview.

Rockstar has confirmed a US and European GTA 5 release date of September 17 on Xbox 360 and PS3. The game will launch in Japan on October 10.