Godus released on Steam Early Access

22 Cans' major project now available to test

Godus, the upcoming god-game from Peter Molyneux and Guildford outfit 22 Cans, is now available in beta form via Valve's digital games platform Steam.

Early Access allows people to both beta test the game as well as secure their purchase for full release, and Godus can be unlocked ahead of release for $20 in the US and £15 in the UK.

"First of all thank you for downloading the game. Our reason for using early access is so that we can get as many of you to play the game and for us to learn from what you enjoy and hate," said creative director Peter Molyneux.

"We are continuing to work very hard and hope to have an update out as soon as possible. Thank you for your belief and patience," he added.

A CVG preview suggested that, while no hands-on assessment was available, the game nevertheless carries significant promise.

The game's Steam page can be found here.