Nintendo to hold National UK StreetPass Day on September 28

Fans can gather in London and Manchester to score StreetPass hits and win prizes

Nintendo has announced it will hold National StreetPass Day, a UK-based event created to encourage 3DS owners to gather and StreetPass, play games and win prizes.


National StreetPass Day will be held on in the September 28 at at Waterloo Station in London and Manchester Piccadilly Station from 9am.

In addition to enjoying StreetPass activities on the Nintendo 3DS, a number of real-life StreetPass games will also take place, so attendees can take part in a real Puzzle Swap games (with contributing their own pieces to larger Puzzle Swap panels by playing Nintendo 3DS games).

Exclusive StreetPass bags are up for grabs at the event for those that take part in the Mario Kart 7 or Luigi's Mansion 2, or for those with the most Mii characters in their StreePass Mii Plaza.

A costumed Luigi will also be in attendence, joined by new Pokemon starters Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy.