GTA 5 attains joint-highest ever score on Metacritic

Rockstar's latest is neck-and-neck with Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand theft Auto V is has become one of the highest-rated games ever, according to new data published on Metacritic.

The review aggregator has drawn together critics' verdicts from numerous publications to calculate that GTA5 has an average score of 97 on the PS3 and 98 on the Xbox 360.


Its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto IV, is still the only game that holds a Metacritic score of 98, meaning that the inclusion of GTA5 gives developer Rockstar the top two positions on the all-time highest rated chart.

However, the review monitor has no data on games released before 2001.

CVG's GTA 5 review describes the crime-opus as "sprawling, thrilling and beautiful", declaring it "the best Grand Theft Auto yet".

"Grand Theft Auto V was a massive undertaking for us, I'm so proud of what the team created," said Rockstar founder Sam Houser in a statement.

"We cannot wait for people to finally play it."