Infinity Blade 3 review round-up

All the verdicts in one place

Along with the launch of iOS 7 today, Epic Games has released Infinity Blade 3, the latest entry in Chair Entertainment's touch-based action RPG.

Reviews of the game have started to appear online; we've gathered them up and put them in the list below along with a short excerpt from the verdict itself.

  • TouchArcade: 5/5 - Infinity Blade titles are the gold standard for iOS gaming, so, whatever you do, don't miss this one.
  • Kotaku: No score - Infinity Blade III is still a showcase of the graphical power achievable on iOS devices with Unreal Engine 3 - that's how they keep getting up on stage at Apple events, after all. It's also much more than that. It's the glorious final step in the evolution of the series.
  • The Verge: No score - Infinity Blade is still a great showcase for iOS, and its message to mobile game developers is hard to ignore: visceral, bite-size experiences are a powerful force on mobile. But Android aside, it's also basically the same game we've been playing since the first title arrived in 2010, and while it's definitely the best incarnation so far, the formula feels like it's starting to wear out its welcome. For $6.99, I'll probably pay once more. But unless Chair offers a truly new experience of some sort the next time around, I'm not sure I'd buy an Infinity Blade IV.
  • Pocket Gamer: 7/10 - With Infinity Blade 3, Chair turns the thrilling sword-fighting series into a huge adventure. The reliance on frequent deaths and forced grinding, however, is an infuriating relic from previous games
  • IGN: 9.1 - Infinity Blade III is a gorgeous, intense, and rewarding adventure. It's a fitting end to a genre-pioneering franchise.