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Wii Karaoke U scheduled for October release in Europe

I'm keeping my sh*t firmly with me. I'm not giving it out for this. - Darkwun

Suit yourself *unleashes a tidal wave of sh*t everywhere*

UK Charts: Saints Row 4 makes it four in a row

Puppeteer deserves much better. I didn't think my faith in the world could get any lower after seeing Joey Essex say Zeezus was the name of Jesus' mum on Celebrity Juice. But it just did. - El Mag

I'm going to have to Google every part of that sentence.

GTA 5 review goes live at 3pm

"Harry Potter dies." - ________________

Amazing troll here 1) Because it's not at all relevant and 2) Because you replaced Dumbledore for Harry Potter.

"Purple Monkey Dishwasher" - DiamondDogs

Well, we'll show you, especially for that Purple Monkey Dishwasher remark.

'Grim PC decline' not hurting games, says Gabe Newell

"Gabe can steam my box anyday.." - tanukilou

Not quite sure what that means but it sounds... painful.

'Grim PC decline' not hurting games, says Gabe Newell

"Hi my super awesome fellow forum posters hope you are all feeling cool and groovy.

It seems leading up too and during the early years of a new console generation we get a lot of PC gaming is dead. With Steams popularity growing year on year I hope we won't get quite so many blinkered views. PC sales may be down in general but I'm sure it was here on CVG I read a story how " run of the mill PC sales were down but powerful gaming PC's sales were up".

The PC will always have a wider more innovative selection of games than console due in no small part to the open nature of the PC platform. I'm very happy to boast that my PC runs rings around rings around the next gen consoles and will 99.9% of the time have the superior version of a given game.

Touch wood so far I have not had any problems with compatibility or a virus so far. I am sure I will at some point but its a small price to pay for a vastly superior platform.

Is PC gaming endangered or dead?

Not a chance.

Go team PC gaming for everybody yeah!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D" - ilovenewtech

I love you.

The following section will be dedicated to Nintendo legend Hiroshi Yamauchi, who passed away on September 19

Former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi passes away at 85

"I hope he's up there in heaven having a few games on Mario Kart with Gumpei Yokoi. He's a legend that made Nintendo one of the greatest entertainment companies in the history of the world RIP!" - otto_spooky

what a legend Yamauchi RIP - onmsam

"Goodbye Yamauchi San, you will be missed." - Narcisus

"End of an era. Rest In Peace Yamauchi San." - coldburner