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Woah! These 4K images of GTA IV are ridiculous

It's been 5 long years since the release of GTA IV and yet the PC community is still working on mods to enhance its looks.

But I think we can finally say this game has reached an evolutionary dead-end. Modder Raphael Smith, armed with a dangerous PC and the post-processing mod icEnhancer ENB, has put GTA 4 on show at 4K resolution, with an entire kingdom of new textures and lighting effects on display.

The results are pretty unreal. Take a look at the slideshow below (just imagine how this looks in motion).

Though it's rendered in 4K, it's been scaled down in these images, obviously. Also notice that there's no close-ups of character models, as they're starting to show their age - especially against the near-photorealistic surroundings.

Want even more images? There's plenty to see on Smith's Flickr page.