Sonic Lost World trailer confirms US delay

Wii U and 3DS adventure pushed back by a week in North America

Sega has released a new Sonic Lost World trailer which reveals a slight delay to the game's arrival in North America.

According to the US version of the trailer (below), the game will now arrive in the region on October 29.

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Nintendo had previously confirmed a Sonic Lost World release date October 22 in the US.

The game's UK release is unaffected, according to an EU version of the same trailer,and still bound for an October 18 arrival.

Sonic Lost World is a new 3D platformer coming exclusively to Wii U and 3DS. Each version of the game will offer unique features.

The Wii U edition will have exclusive Colour Powers controlled with the GamePad by tilting, touching and aiming. It will also be playable using only the GamePad screen and will include a two player support mode. Here's more Sonic Lost World Wii U gameplay.

The 3DS version will offer exclusive Special Stages and Colour Powers. Check out the first Sonic Lost World 3DS gameplay here.