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Knack's local co-op mode shown in new screens

Same-screen mode designed to help kids play the game

AGB has posted a number of new Knack screenshots showing off the game's local co-operative mode.

Game director and PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny has said Sony designed the same-screen mode to help kids play the game.

Knack is a story-driven family title Cerny has described as "kind of a mash-up between a Pixar-style animated movie and a character action game", in which mankind turns to an unlikely hero to protect them from invading goblins.

Protagonist Knack is normally only three feet tall, but he grows and transforms based on the mysterious ancient relics he picks up in levels.

In the co-op mode, player two takes control of a silver robot version of Knack, providing support to player one by fighting enemies and collecting their parts to grow bigger.

When player one is running low on health and getting smaller, player two can donate his parts to the damaged Knack. Player one will always be in charge of level progression.

Knack, Killzone Shadow Fall and DriveClub have all been confirmed as PS4 launch titles. Sony has confirmed a PS4 release date of November 15 in US and November 29 in Europe.