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Battlefield Recon: Beta secrets, Levolution and more

In this week's Battlefield Recon episode host Dan Dawkins and Battlefield veteran Andy Hartup review and dissect even more of Battlefield 4's key features, including the upcoming beta, Levolution and more.

Dan kicks things off with another Top 5 Battlefield moments, where the team has scoured the web to select the very best clips of outstanding Battlefield play. Today's top five highlights feature the perils of giving a 'backie' on a motorbike (that's peril for the enemy), an intriguing massacre where a safe house proves anything but, and one of the greatest respawn revenges ever. It is quite simply unmissable.

In this week's News section, it can't have escaped your attention that the Battlefield 4 beta for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions begins on Oct 4th. But what could be better than getting onto that beta? Getting onto that beta three days early of course and three days is a long time in Battlefield! Dan and Andy explore the options and also take a look at just what you can expect from the beta, including the confirmed first Siege of Shanghai map and how DICE will address balancing issues.

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This week the big topic in the Analysis section is Levolution; Battlefield's game changing new system of destructible buildings, terrain deformation and a myriad of smaller changes which can transform the look and feel of in game levels. You've most likely already have seen the road blown clean way from underneath advancing armour, the spectacular tower block sequence from the E3 demo and even a whole cruiser being beached on a island.

But they promise to be just the tip of the iceberg, so just how will Levolution affect your Battlefield 4 game? What other spectacular earth-shattering Levoluton events are in store and just how will you be able to use it to tip the tide of conflict in your favour? We explore these issues.

Meanwhile, Dan and Andy have some intriguing thoughts and speculation on both the big and small changes, plus plenty of tips and tactics that may prove to your advantage. They think it's most likely that the most creative players will thrive, and also bring you first word the new knife counter-kill system.

Elsewhere It's also been another big week for Battlefield fans, with further details on the new Battlelog service being revealed. Battlelog is the online service which will integrate with smartphones, tablets and second screens to provide what producer Oskar Gabrielson calls a "deeper, richer Battlefield 4 experience".

So be sure to check that out, and if you haven't caught the Battlefield 4 multiplayer trailer which released last week, now's a chance to have a look at the chaos of all-out war, in a series of unscripted controller-dropping moments.

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