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Batman: Arkham Origins PS3-exclusive 'Knightfall Pack' DLC trailer

Two character skins and three combat maps

Warner Bros. has promised "hours of additional" gameplay via PS3 exclusive download content for Batman: Arkham Origins.

PS3 gamers will be given exclusive access to the 'Knightfall Pack' DLC, which offers two new character skins and a Challenge campaign containing five challenge maps.

The two skins are Classic TV Series Batman (modeled after the Adam West series), and the Knightfall Batman skin inspired by the Knightfall saga comics. Check out images of the costumes above, and a trailer below.

The DLC pack will also come with three Combat maps and two Predator maps, in which you will battle your way through waves of enemies.

Batman: Arkham Origins is in development at Warner Bros Montreal, but the multiplayer component is being developed independently at London studio Splash Damage, known for its work on Enemy Territories: Quake Wars and, more recently, Brink.

The first footage from the multiplayer beta recently emerged online. For more details on the online aspect of the game, read our lengthy Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer details article.

Warner has confirmed the Batman: Arkham Origins release date as October 25. It is the first in the series to feature a multiplayer component.

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