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Apple denies payment for delayed Plants vs. Zombies 2 Android edition

Update: EA responds

Apple has denied claims that it paid a "truckload" of money to Electronic Arts for the delay of an Android edition of Plants Vs. Zombies 2.

Update: A representative for EA has commented on the situation for CVG, putting the blame on miscommunication.

"A comment from an internal meeting taken out of context has created an unfortunate misunderstanding. Reports of a paid relationship between Apple and EA are factually inaccurate, and we apologize for any confusion," the EA representative wrote.


Original report:

The denial follows comments by EA head of labels Frank Gibeau at a recent internal meeting. Giant Bomb reports that Gibeau said during the meeting that "Apple gave us a truckload of money to delay the Android version [of Plants vs. Zombies 2]."

Apple later provided a statement to Giant Bomb claiming Gibeau's quotes are "not true".

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 released for iPad and iPhone on August 15. On those platforms alone, the title managed to surpass the total lifetime downloads of its predecessor before the month closed, amassing 25 million downloads.

According to a Polygon report, Plants Vs. Zombies 2 will launch for Android in October. An Android edition has already released in China.

Apple's newly released iOS 7 supports the use of third-party game controllers, it was announced last month.