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Valve to make second major Steam reveal today

Announcement set for 6pm UK time (1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific)

PC games kingpin Valve will make its second Steam related announcement on Wednesday, just 48 hours after the company revealed the SteamOS for TV devices.

A countdown clock on the Valve website has timed its new reveal to go live at 6pm UK time (1pm eastern / 10am pacific). This will mark the second of a trio of announcements lined up by the software giant.


On Monday the company revealed its SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system designed for TV screens. Valve is building its own living-room console (called the Steam Box), and wants other hardware manufacturers to do the same. SteamOS, which is free, is hoped will remove hardware manufacturers' reliance on the paid-for Windows operating system.

There are four central SteamOS features for consumers; PC-to-television game streaming, music and video services, family control settings, and the previously announced free game sharing options.

However, because SteamOS is Linux based, so far only about 200 games have been built to work on the operating system. The full Steam library contains more than 2,000 games for Windows - of which the vast majority are developed by third-party developers and publishers. Numerous compatibility complications between Windows and Linux means that software and hardware creators would need to put the hours in to ensure a port works correctly.

Valve managing director Gabe Newell claims that an "open" operating system like SteamOS will put developers and gamers on a more prosperous path.

The core idea is that innovation and success comes easier if all constraints are removed, and Valve has continually suggested the SteamOS will be far easier to work with than Windows, Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation. The finer details of how this will happen have not been made clear.

Speaking at Linuxcon in mid-September, Newell told attendees that he sees open platforms such as Linux as the future of gaming.
"None of the propriety closed platforms are going to be able to provide that grand unification between mobile, the living room, and the desktop," he said

The industry expects Valve will reveal its own Steam Box either on Wednesday, or for its third and final announcement - which will likely take place on Friday at 6pm UK time (though is not confirmed).