Dark Souls 2: 20-minute video shows co-op gameplay

Beta footage sneaks online offering in-depth look at multiplayer

Gameplay footage for the beta version of Dark Souls 2 has found its way online, offering an in-depth look at how the game works.

The video below, plucked via Kotaku, offers almost 20 minutes of multiplayer co-op gameplay via the Japanese beta.

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From Software recently confirmed a limited 'Black Armour' pre-order edition and a collector's edition of the game.

The pre-order exclusive Black Armour edition will feature the game in a steelbook case and the official soundtrack. The collector's edition package offers the steelbook case, a 12-inch statue of the Warrior Knight character, a fabric map, a hardbound art book, and the official Dark Souls 2 soundtrack.

Publisher Namco Bandai has said it will host a Dark Souls 2 closed beta on PS3, starting October 12 'worldwide'. You can get more details on the beta scheduling and participation on the official site.

In a recent hands-on session with Dark Souls 2, CVG confirmed that the game retains a strict difficulty level, describing it as "beautiful and brutal".