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Rain launch trailer pours in ahead of tomorrow's release

PS3 digital title out October 1 via the PS Store

Sony has released a launch trailer for PS3 digital title Rain, which arrives on the PS Store this week.

The upcoming title, from Tokyo Jungle and Echochrome developer PlayStation C.A.M.P., tells the story of a boy attempting to track and rescue a girl being hunted by ghostly creatures in the mysterious "world of rain". Both characters take the form of silhouettes only visible in the rain, and players interact with the environment, solve puzzles and use the rain to guide and protect them.

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"Rain is the enchanting tale of a boy who embarks on a journey to save an invisible girl from ghostly creatures," describes official text. "Upon entering the world he discovers that he has also become invisible and must learn to navigate through the unknown, using the rain to guide and protect him."

Rain's director Yuki Ikeda told CVG in February that the title's theme is "uncertainty".

Sony has confirmed a Rain release date of October 1 in the US ($14.99) and October 2 in Europe (€12.99).