Pikmin 3 to get new paid DLC missions

First batch available today, game update offers one free stage

Nintendo has announced that it will be releasing additional stages for Pikmin 3's Mission Mode as paid downloadable content.


The announcement was made during the latest Nintendo Direct, when company president Satoru Iwata confirmed the first batch of content will be released today for £1.79. It will task players with collecting treasure.

Nintendo also detailed a new Pikmin 3 software update designed to show high scores from around the world. By downloading the update players will also be given one new Mission Mode stage for free.

Iwata said further Pikmin 3 DLC is in the works and will be revealed in the future.

CVG said in its Pikmin 3 review: "The throwaway nature of its GamePad integration doesn't prevent Pikmin 3 from being Nintendo's best HD single-player experience to date, but it does mean that the wait for the definitive Wii U title goes on."