Destiny Q&A teases game-changing 'unrevealed gametype' & competitive multiplayer

Significant revelations still to come from the former house of Halo

Bungie still has numerous significant revelations up its sleeve for its upcoming online shooter, Destiny.

In a recent Q&A, Bungie community manager David Dague, more commonly known as 'DeeJ', hinted at major as-yet unrevealed features including competitive multiplayer and a new 'game type' that will enhance endgame activities for player who have finished the main campaign.


Deej clarifies that while players in the main game will band up in 'Fireteams' of three players, there will also be competitive multiplayer and Raids which will "feature player counts well above three".

Bungie is yet to show off competitive multiplayer scenarios, but Deej confirms that PvP will feature, and Bungie is deep in testing it right now. "We're already thumping each other's skulls in studio-wide playtests, battling other Guardians for glory, bragging rights, and rewards," he said.

"All the gear you earn in competitive multiplayer can be taken into other modes, too (and vice versa)."

Deej also reaffirms that "Destiny will never require you to team up with other people in campaign missions," meaning you can go it alone if you so wish.

"You will see other players along the way, but you can choose to ignore them. That said, we think you'll find that playing with other Guardians is quick, painless, and a ton of fun. It's always your choice though."

When quizzed on endgame content, Deej pointed to the draw of an 'evolving' world, new raids and elusive and exotic loot. Most interestingly, he teased an "as-yet-unrevealed gametype" with a "new twist" that "makes it feel new and different".

Check out the full Q&A on the PS Blog.

As the Bungie confirmed earlier this week, the Destiny beta will kick off in "early 2014", with access codes provided to customers who pre-order the game at participating retailers worldwide on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Participating retailers in the US include Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart. In UK, the list includes Amazon, Smiths, Tesco and Blockbuster.

Bungie also released a new Destiny trailer on Tuesday offering a look at a Moon colony and the Hive race, one of the four enemy races featured in the game.