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Terraria 2 'definitely happening', says creator

But development has not yet begun, clarifies Andrew Spinks

Terraria creator Andrew Spinks has confirmed plans to develop a sequel to his indie hit, Terraria.

"I'm super excited about starting Terraria 2," he told RPS. "It's a ways out, but it's gonna have a lot in common with the original. It's gonna be quite different as well. I really want to expand on the whole Terraria universe."


Spinks says his main motivation for creating a sequel is to break free of the structural limitations of the original game.

"There's a lot of stuff I'm locked into with Terraria," he said. "The way loot works, the way character progression works. In Terraria 2, I really want to have infinite worlds so you're not just stuck to one world. You can travel anywhere. I want more biome diversity in that, too. There's a lot of stuff [I want to add and change]."

But Spinks has moved to clarify that, while in the planning stages, actual development on the game is yet to begin.

"Terraria 2 is definitely something that will be happening but ... I have not started development," he told Joystiq.

"I have a list of features and mechanics I want the game to have but that is the extent of the development at this point."

This will come as no surprise to Terraria fans, who will know that Spinks and his team is still churning out enormous updates for the first game. Update 1.2 was released today, bringing an overhaul to the game's music and art, as well as adding 1000 new items, 100 new enemies, four new bosses, 15 new pets and four new types of wood.

"It's a tricky question, though. When do you stop working on one game and start working on something new? I honestly have no idea," said Spinks. "Right now, I'm having a lot of fun with it. Everyone on my team is really enjoying working on Terraria 1. But I have looked into maybe hiring another small team to continue updates while I move onto Terraria 2. So that's also an option."