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Comments of the Week

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


The Last Guardian undergoing re-engineering

"Was speaking to a guy behind the counter at McDonalds the other day, called Bob. When I ordered my double sausage and egg mcmuffin, Bob told me he was no longer an employee of McDonalds.

Confused, I asked why he was still behind the counter and in the uniform of his ex employer, to which he replied that even though he was no longer an employee of the fast food giant, he would be continuing to flip burgers on a freelance basis.

I'd had enough and my brain began to hurt. I told Bob that I would just like my breakfast now.

Bob shook his head and pointed to the clock. As it transpired, I had now missed the breakfast menu. But what about my double sausage and Egg McMuffin I pleaded to freelancer Bob.

Bob explained to me that my double sausage and egg mcmuffin was still in the kitchen but that it was currently undergoing re-engineering and would soon arrive as a Big Mac instead." - moogiesboy

After waiting that long for an Egg McMuffin, that Big Mac is certain to be a bit disappointing.

Train Simulator 2014 launch trailer stars Sean Bean

"Sean Bean's career is back on track." - JOEuk91

Oh ho, ho, ho, ho. Very nice.

Xi3 Piston Console out November 29

"You'd be able to wipe floor with it, but you're paying for how cute and adorable it is" - kirankara

And it's, like, TOTES adorable!

GTA Online now live [Updates]

Help me GamesMaster. I have no mic and no mates, will I still be able to enjoy GTA 5 online ?" - g83

No. I mean yes. I mean... online? What' are you talking about, child?

EU version of Beyond Two Souls 'edited slightly' to secure PEGI 16 rating

"5-10 seconds of gameplay cut out?! Is there going to be any left?" - The Drunken Spy

Congratulations to The Drunken Spy for this special Zing of the Week.

Wii production to cease

"End of an era for sure. A strange, waggly era."

- lootyhoof

I'm going to start using BW (before waggle) and AW (after waggle) in articles

Valve files Half-Life 3 trademark

"Valve files Half-Life 3 trademark"

==> 3 <==

Half Life 3 confirmed?? - pherik

Woah, you may be on to something there mate!

Battlefield Bad Company 'will come back'

"Star Wars: Bad Company?" - richomack360

Where all the characters in your squad are Wookies.

GTA Online second patch release underway [Updates]

"If they could patch out all the whining kids that would be great." - EvilDog77

That's our most wanted feature from next-gen consoles. First one to make it work wins.