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Beyond: Two Souls video interview discusses gameplay mechanics

Quantic Dream next game "differs" from Heavy Rain

The co-CEO of Paris studio Quantic Dream is keen to stress how different it's new game, Beyond: Two Souls, is from previous hit Heavy Rain.

Sony has released a new video interview with Quantic Dream boss Guillaume de Fondaumiere, who discusses the key differences between the team's two latest projects, and how the two lead characters of Beyond will offer vastly contrasting gameplay mechanics.

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Quantic Dream released a Beyond: Two Souls demo via the PlayStation Store earlier this week.

Previously described by Sony as "a generous trial of the game", the demo features two levels. In the first, players "join a very young Jodie as she takes part in an experiment at the Department of Paranormal Activities, and officials put her abilities to the test".

Sony has confirmed a Beyond: Two Souls release date of October 8 in the US and October 11 in the UK.