First Homefront 2 images posted online

Crytek's in-development FPS sequel resurfaces

The first images of Crytek's Homefront 2 have appeared online.

The shots were acquired by VG247 from a promotional handout and are reportedly taken from a "work-in-progress" build of the game.

Developed by Kaos Studios and published by the now defunct THQ, 2011's Homefront is a first-person shooter in which Korean forces invade and take over America. Taking on the role of an ex-marine, players join the rebel forces and their battle for freedom.

In September 2011 it was revealed that a second Homefront game would be developed by Crysis maker Crytek's Nottingham, UK-based studio.

But earlier this year, Crytek acquired the Homefront franchise from THQ following its bankruptcy auction.

Crytek's general manager of games, Nick Button-Brown, said at the time: "From day one, the Homefront 2 team has been committed to creating a game that takes the series to new heights and features the level of quality and innovation associated with Crytek. Nothing has changed with regards our development of the game, and we look forward to sharing the finished product with players."

Homefront 2 was originally scheduled for release in 2015, but a firm launch window has yet to be officially announced.