Dragon Quest series coming to iOS and Android

Square Enix to release first eight entries in Japan one game at a time

Square Enix has announced that it will be releasing the first eight Dragon Quest games on iOS and Android in Japan.

According to the Square Enix website, the process will begin with the release of Dragon Quest this winter, with the other seven games coming out at regular intervals following its release.


There has yet to be confirmation from Square Enix regarding any potential western release of these titles.

The publisher has previously released iOS and Android versions of the first five Final Fantasy titles worldwide, providing some hope that the Dragon Quest games could receive the same treatment.

Since all eight Dragon Quest games have had official English translations in the past, the option of bringing them to the west should in theory be available.

The original Dragon Quest was released in Japan in 1986, with an English language version entitled Dragon Warrior appearing in the US three years later. PlayStation 2 title Dragon Quest VIII was launched in 2004 to rave reviews from critics and gamers alike.

The first three Dragon Quest games never came to Europe, so were Square Enix to eventually announce a western release, this would mark the first time they would be made available in the region.