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Dark Souls 2 beta codes being sent out today in the US

Users will require 3.7GB of free space on their PS3 HDD

Dark Souls 2 beta codes will be distributed to US PS3 users at 11am Pacific today.

The first 5,000 people to redeem a code will gain entry when the beta kicks off on October 12, PlayStation Lifestyle reports.


On October 22, a universal code will be shared (probably on the Dark Souls Facebook Page), allowing a further 30,000 people who redeem it to participate in the open beta commencing on October 27.

Beta participants will require 3.7GB of free space on their PS3 HDD and will be encouraged to report any issues they encounter.

Containing "an entirely new area of the game" and "overwhelming enemy encounters", the beta will let participants "delve into one of the most treacherous areas of the Dark Souls 2 world".

Namco started taking beta registrations in North America and Europe/Australasia last month. We're awaiting further details on entry to the beta outside of the US.

At E3 in June, we went hands-on with the From Software developed sequel. "Let's make one thing clear straight away, in case you're still anxious: Dark Souls 2 is very, very difficult," we said in our Dark Souls 2 preview, adding: "Overall, Dark Souls 2 feels very similar to the first, albeit prettier."

According to producer Yui Tanimura, "the goal isn't to make Dark Souls 2 more difficult, just more rewarding."

Namco Bandai has confirmed a Dark Souls 2 release date of March 11, 2014 in North America and March 14 in Australia and Europe.