Beyond Two Souls DLC gameplay video shows 'Advanced Experiments'

Check out the playable scene included with the collector's edition of the game

A video showing off Beyond: Two Souls DLC included with the collector's edition of the PS3 title has been posted online.

Advanced Experiments features a series of training missions in which protagonist Jodie and supernatural entity Aiden collaborate to solve puzzles designed to test players' problem-solving skills. It offers 30 minutes of additional play, according to Sony.

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The game launched in the US yesterday ahead of the Beyond: Two Souls release date of October 11 in the UK.

In our Beyond: Two Souls review, we said the game has "impressive facial animation" and features a "solid performance by Ellen Page", but that it's let down by "clumsy, unnatural dialogue" and a lack of a "sense that you're having any impact on the story".

See what others thought of the game in our Beyond Two Souls review round-up, and try it out yourself now by downloading the Beyond: Two Souls demo.