First free Arma 3 campaign DLC dated

Join a NATO peacekeeping mission in the Mediterranean later this month

Bohemia Interactive will launch the first chapter of Arma 3's campaign as free DLC on Thursday October 31.

Titled 'Survive', it will see players stepping into the boots of Ben Kerry, a regular soldier who's part of a NATO peacekeeping mission in the Mediterranean.

"Following a couple of years of uneasy cease-fire, this US-led deployment is now in the process of a staged drawdown," says Arma 3 creative director Jay Crowe. "The vacuum left by withdrawing forces is being rapidly filled by the opposing CSAT faction, creating the conditions for, one might say, a flashpoint."

Crowe said that the DLC will not only introduce the game's campaign component but also "more building blocks for the platform - new weapons, animations, 3D objects, scripted modules - each designed to grant content creators even greater freedom to create and share their own content". Future campaign episodes will expand the sandbox with the likes of new vehicles.

In August, Bohemia Interactive announced that the game would launch the following month without its single player campaign, which it said would be released across three free DLC episodes.

Explaining the delay, campaign project lead Joris-Jan Van 't Land said: "After talking a lot about a focus on quality over the last year, it simply did not feel right to compromise now. Rather than pushing back the entire game, we launch this year with an awesome package - a splendid kick-off for the Arma3 experience."