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Konami 'identifies PES 2014 online issues' on Xbox 360

Company still working on a fix to get players online weeks after release

Konami says it has made some progress in its efforts to get the online portion of PES 2014 up and running for all Xbox 360 players, some of whom have been unable to enjoy the game's multiplayer offering since the football title released on September 20.

Before online modes such as Friendly Match, Ranking Match and Master League Online can be played on Xbox 360, players have to download two updates. The first is a small day-one patch that takes the game to version 1.01. The second ensures all online players are using the same up-to-date data, but some users are still receiving a 'Download File is Broken' message when trying to implement the update.


In Konami's latest progress update on a special section of its website set up to keep users informed about the problem, Konami said: "The PES Team has identified key issues and is currently preparing a solution, with the support of Microsoft. As soon as a date can be fixed for distribution of a new update, Konami will update users through the press, the PES community, social channels and via the following URL."

Konami also plans to address a range of feedback from users of all versions of the game when it releases a separate update, which will add a number of features including an 11 vs 11 mode.

In CVG's PES 2014 review, we said: "Despite its clear issues, PES 2014 remains a worthwhile upgrade to the series, with all-round improved gameplay and a roster of well built modes. Master League remains as deep as ever, now allowing you to manage a national team. Become a Legend returns too, accompanied by a whole host of new leagues and competitions."