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Amnesia dev reveals new horror game 'Soma' for PC, PS4

First-person sci-fi horror game set for 2015 release

Frictional Games, the developer behind horror title Amnesia: The Dark Decent, has revealed its new project, 'Soma'.

Billed as a first-person sci-fi horror, the game is headed to PC and PS4 in 2015, and the first footage has been released via a new trailer and screenshots.

"For the last three years, we have been working on a game called SOMA," said creative director Thomas Grip. "All that time, this project has remained a secret - it's a great relief to finally be able to talk about it. This game is by far the most ambitious and thrilling project we have ever undertaken."


And Grip explains, Soma "is a sci-fi horror game played from a first person perspective. You are not a space marine though; you're a normal, very exposed person trapped in a nightmarish world.

"SOMA is a game about exploration, survival and immersing you inside an interactive narrative."

He goes on, "Our goal is for SOMA to not just be another carnival ride of cheap scares. It is meant to chill you to your core, and confront you with questions about your very existence."

Check out a gallery of the first screenshots above, and the debut trailer below:

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