Eight-minute Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII video

Square Enix offers a tour of the Wildlands

Square Enix has released a new eight-minute-long gameplay video for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

In the video game design director Yuji Abe offers a tour of The Wildlands, a grassy area in the new FFXIII follow-up.

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"The Wildlands contain remnants of the sprawling natural wilderness that once existed in Gran Pulse. Beasts run free here, and the people live a hardy life of self-sufficiency," says Square.

"Behind the lush and bountiful appearance of this region however, the spread of Chaos is unusually aggressive here. The Wildlands is an open, free area, containing many sidequests and secrets."

Lightning Returns was revealed at last year's Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event and is billed as the last entry in the 'Lightning saga'. 17 minutes of Lightning Returns gameplay footage was released earlier this week.

The official Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII release date has been confirmed as February 11, 2014 in North America and February 14 in Europe.