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Battlefield Recon: Obliteration, bouncy shoes and Commander mode

In this week's Battlefield Recon host Dan Dawkins and Battlefield expert Andy Hartup take a look at how the Battlefield 4 beta is progressing, as well as talking Obliteration, battle packs and dissecting the new Commander mode

The action kicks off, as always, with your Top Five Battlefield moments, five of the best community Battlefield clips culled from the web this week. We pull the rip cord with The Hazard Cinema's hugely impressive 64 player base jump, then move onto GameSprout's spectacular carrier landing, featuring a pilot who's evidently left his lunch box behind. The highlight this week though is from The Puckington and features one of the finest on-field promotions you'll ever see from a man who shot so many of the enemy, he ran clean out of ammo. Our caps are well and truly doffed - we salute you sir.

In this week's news section, the gentlemen discuss the addition of Obliteration mode to the beta which went live shortly before they went on air. How have you been getting on with this new play style which sees you deliver devastating bombs to enemy objectives? Are you enjoying it or do you prefer standard Conflict games? The gents are seeking your views.

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Elsewhere, the addition of Battle Packs has been causing something of a stir. Andy discovered them almost by accident but have you benefited from these bonus in-game goodies? What kind of random Battlefield lucky dips and rare items have you found scattered throughout the game and how did they affect your Battlefield experience? The boys are itching to know and also have one or two random suggestions of their own, like bouncy shoes, which might liven up the game.

In the regular analysis section, Dan and Andy go in depth with the hottest topic of the moment, which of course is the Battlefield beta itself. This week it's Commander mode which has drawn their attention. Fancy a break from fighting on the front lines? Well why not explore this mode which allows you to use a second screen to run the battle back from HQ.

Originally debuting in Battlefield 2142, Commander mode is one the fans' most requested features and the Battlefield 4 beta has brought it back with a vengeance. Players put themselves up for selection as commander and once chosen, they'll be able to influence the battle from a strategic overview map, issuing orders, co-ordinating assaults on capture points, calling in gun ships for defensive actions and launching UAVs and Tomahawk cruise missiles to clear a path for their men on the ground.

It's a whole new way to play Battlefield and DICE have even produced a special Commander Mode video if you'd like to know more and sharpen your strategic play. Beware of poor performance though, votes can go down as well as up and dodgy commanders may very well find themselves retired by their men in the field. It's Battlefield democracy in action!

A new episode of Battlefield Recon will release every Tuesday at 4.30pm from now up to and beyond Battlefield 4's launch. If you enjoy the show, don't forget to subscribe to catch more episodes. You'll also be able to get all the very latest and take part by following @battlerecon on Twitter.

The Battlefield beta is now in full swing, so be sure to drop the Battlefield Recon boys a line and let them know how you've been getting on and submit your favourite clips or observations and you could appear in next week's episode. Keep it tuned to CVG's Battlefield 4 pages for all the very latest.