Ubisoft delays The Crew to mid-2014

Release date window for ambitious MMO racer remains unclear

Ubisoft's next-generation online racing game The Crew has been delayed until some time between its second and third calendar quarter of 2014.

This effectively means the game is expected to ship between April and September next year, the publisher has confirmed to CVG.

The MMO racer, developed at France studio Ivory Tower with the help of the UK-based Ubisoft Reflections, was originally set for release within the first three months of 2014. This means that the extent of the delay is unclear.

Ubisoft unveiled The Crew at E3 in June. The game is in development for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

CVG said in its first The Crew preview that the game "already looks more promising than both Sony and Microsoft's flagship next-gen racers".

The Crew features a persistent online world that lets you group up with friends and play as a crew in races and events. A live demonstration at E3 2013 showed an illegal street race taking place across New York's Brooklyn Bridge.

The delay coincides with the announcement that Ubisoft Montreal's open-world action adventure Watch Dogs will not release until Spring 2014.