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Pokémon X/Y game breaking glitch linked to Lumiose City

Multiple users reporting corrupted save files

Numerous Pokémon X & Y players are reporting a game breaking glitch that renders save files completely unusable.

According to multiple users, the glitch occurs when the player saves their progress in Lumiose City.

Luminose City

As the videos below (via Game Informer) demonstrate, when trying to load a file that has been corrupted in Lumiose City, the player finds themselves stuck in the environment with a completely unresponsive 3DS. Once corrupted, the file appears unrecoverable and must be deleted.

Reports have come from users of both Japanese and European versions of the game. With no acknowledgment from Nintendo at this time, the only way to elude the glitch is to avoid saving your progress at this location.

The latest edition in the Pokemon series has sold more than four million units in a single weekend worldwide, Nintendo said earlier today.

In our Pokemon X&Y review we said the games are "a major leap forward for the franchise" and "the first Pokémon game worthy of the 21st century."

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