Crytek criticised for crunch trivia on Twitter

Ryse developer publishes lighthearted quiz on tough working conditions

Ryse developer Crytek has become the subject of criticism after openly discussing the strenuous conditions its Ryse: Son of Rome team is enduring to complete development.

Crytek's Frankfurt office [Image: Gamers Global]

The official Ryse: Son of Rome engaged its followers in a trivia quiz using the hastag #RyseFacts and opened by asking "how many total dinners do you think we had to serve the team while they were crunching"?

The answer, as well as the quiz itself, has been perceived by critics as an unapologetic declaration that the studio undergoes crunch work.

Crunch is widespread in games development projects and usually involves staff member enduring lengthy periods of intense work in order to meet tough deadlines. Developers often cite the crunch period as being responsible for degradation in health, as well as the quality of their social and family lives.

But the causes are complex. Self-employed indie games developers often openly admit to crunching into late hours despite not having to answer to line managers.

Following Crytek's tweets, the #RyseFacts Twitter discussion has been inundated with updates highlighting the ill-effects of crunch, many sarcastic but others sincere and critical.