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Zelda online features must not disrupt solo experience, says Aonuma

Producer wants to emulate Wind Waker HD's Tingle Bottle approach

Nintendo Producer Eiji Aonuma has said he would like to implement online functionality in future Zelda games, similar in philosophy to those featured in The Wind Waker HD.

The Wii U game introduces the Miiverse-enabled Tingle Bottle feature, which allows players to discover messages scribed by other users in their own single-player adventure.


Speaking to CVG in a new interview, Aonuma expressed a desire to implement a similar network feature in future Zelda games, one that promotes connectivity with other players but ultimately doesn't disrupt the traditional solo experience.

"In The Wind Waker HD we have the Tingle Bottle Miiverse feature and what we really wanted to achieve with this was communication between users, but not a constricting communication," the producer explained.

"We wanted to create a feeling of going out on an adventure with other users, but at the same time be able to have your own adventure."


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He added: "This was a test at first when we put this online feature into Wind Waker HD, but it worked out really well and we want to also use online features in such a way in our future Zelda titles.

"We want users to feel like they're experiencing the Zelda world with other users while also adventuring by themselves."

Aonuma also addressed recent comments suggesting that Wind Waker HD took just six months to develop, clarifying that this period was actually longer when prototyping and pre-production is considered.

"Yes, I mentioned that the development took six months, but the total period was actually a little bit longer," he explained.

"It was six months from when we started to really get into the details of the project, but in actual fact there were a lot of gameplay tests and planning we did before that six-month period.

"So the total time was actually longer than six months. People at the company were telling me off for saying that!"