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GTA V gets digital release on Xbox 360

Games on Demand version now available for purchase on Microsoft's console

Xbox 360 owners can now purchase a digital version of Grand Theft Auto V via Games on Demand.

The digital version costs the usual $59.99 and weighs in at 7.63GB. You can purchase it here.


The PS3 version has been available for purchase digitally via the PlayStation Store since the game's launch.

It's worth noting that those who purchased the digital PS3 version experience slight performance issues related to environment streaming - which results in occasional pop-up in graphics.

This is believed to be due to the game's demand for data streaming exceeding the maximum load speeds of the hard drive. Disc versions of the game get over this issue by installing parts of the game to the hard drive and loading content from both sources during play.

This streaming issue is what also prompted Rockstar to warn Xbox 360 owners not to install the 'Play' disc included in the two-disc 360 version.

Pending further testing, be aware that the Xbox 360 digital version may or may not be subject to the same performance issues as its PS3 counterpart.