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Battlefield Recon: war of words, beta feedback and the final map list

Welcome to episode seven of Battlefield Recon, the web's hottest Battlefield show. In this week's edition, host Dan Dawkins and Battlefield veteran Andy Hartup take a look at the lessons learned from the Battlefield beta, as well as a full breakdown on the confirmed map list.

But things kick off with a chance to win an official Battlefield 4 book, Countdown to War by Peter Grimsdale. As Dan observes it's 'like Battlefield but with words' and all you have to do is Like the boys' video, subscribe on YouTube and leave them a comment (keep 'em clean-ish) and a copy could be heading your way soonest!

However it's you, the Battlefield players, who are the stars of the show in the first segment as the Recon boys choose their Top Five Battlefield moments from this week's selection. We begin with HD Carrioner's amazing revenge kill - now that's what we call delivering a message personally. RivaLxFactor's tank assault proves that buildings are one of the battlefield's deadliest weapons and we finish with a moving tribute as the SquigglyGamers assemble for a fond 12-gun farewell salute to PSM3, the magazine Dan and Andy used to work for. Sob. Teary face.

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In this week's news section, Dan and Andy examine the substantial changes DICE have made to Battlefield 4 following the huge success of the beta. Although there's been a ton of tweaks and fixes, Andy selects the key changes and tells you what they'll mean for the final game. Frame rate stutters and controller lay out are the major changes for PC and Console gamers respectively, but Andy also tells you why the new Revive Time change and missile balancing are two of the most crucial lessons learned.

In the regular analysis section, one of the most important Battlefield topics is up for debate and that's the final confirmed map list. Ten levels have been given the nod, including Siege of Shanghai, Paracel Storm (which you'll remember from the GamesCom demo) and Zavod 311, which is set in a Soviet era tank factory and features an unexploded warhead. It should make for a highly interesting game, fighting to trigger that one.

There's the complete low down on those three, but that still leaves seven to go and Andy also has some tips, insight and highly informed speculation on what you might encounter during the Lancang Dam, Flood Zone and Rogue Transmission maps.. Which big Levolution Events will you witness? What strategies will you need to survive Golmud Railway's train yard and what lies in the close-quarter interiors of Operation Locker?

What about the mysterious Hainan Resort and Dawnbreaker levels, which even Andy hasn't seen? As ever, the guys have a whale of a time discussing floods, bringing down a massive radio antennae and the merits of de-training a tank. There's also some word on classic Battlefield maps making a comeback to complete your round-up for this week.

A new episode of Battlefield Recon will release every Tuesday at 4.30pm from now up to and beyond Battlefield 4's launch. If you enjoy the show, don't forget to subscribe to catch more episodes. You'll also be able to get all the very latest and take part by following @battlerecon on Twitter.

The Battlefield beta is still in full swing, so be sure to drop the Battlefield Recon boys a line and let them know how you've been getting on and submit your favourite clips and you could appear in next week's episode. Keep it tuned to CVG's Battlefield 4 pages for all the very latest.